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This is the specialized, official repository and home of the MTInstaller Theme Manager

Instantly Distribute Your Packages

You can easily get your package available to the public with our direct integration with MTInstaller. All it takes is a zip file with your theme inside! Themes are extremely simple to setup. You can install the Native MacOS Application by pressing the buttons above to "Get MTInstaller". If you'd like to use the command line version of this tool only all you need to do to start is run the following command.

curl -s https://macthemes.co/install-mti.sh | sudo sh

Running this will install mti-cli on your system. Read our Documentation for more info!

Direct Integration With MTInstaller

Our integration with MTI allows your themes to be displayed to all users. Through hosting with us, your packages become available automatically to anybody using MTI.

Upload Your First Package


We are sure you have some questions. Check out our FAQ section below to see if we answer any of those.

Do I need an account?

Nope! We offer our services completely free.

Can I make money from this?

Not right now. We will be working on integrating a business model eventually if this picks up. You can however obviously sell themes on your own and users can still use MTInstaller to install them!

Is there any special setup to themes?

Themes are extremely easy to make. Head over to our Upload page to learn more!

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