How To

How To Install Themes

To start using themes from you must use either mti-cli or MTInstaller to install them. MTInstaller is available from our GitHub release page here or by following the steps below.

WARNING: Using MTInstaller or mti-cli will put your computer at a security risk due to needing to have SIP disabled and root write access!

- wget
- SIP must be disabled
- macOS El Capitan or Above (May Work On Lower Versions, Never Tested)

Now you must download the necessary files to use mti-cli. To do so run the following commands:

Once you run these commands you should be able to use mti-cli, fileicon, and easy_mount without having to pass paths or anything! From here you can run the following commands to theme your Mac!

Note: easy_mount should only be run one time per reboot. You can run it more than once but there is no need per reboot once you run it one time.

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